Membership FAQ

How can I update my contact information?
Members can update their contact information by logging in here to change it.  You may also contact our Museum Representatives at 816.751.1278 to update your information.

How do I receive my member discounts when I purchase or reserve tickets online?
In order to take advantage of your member discounts on tickets and to reserve your tickets for FREE events, members must log in to our online calendar to receive your benefits. Log in here to take advantage of the great discounts you receive as a member of the museum. 

How do I start receiving the monthly membership e-newsletters?
To receive the monthly membership e-newsletters, log in and select “Opt-In to receive membership e-newsletters” to get the latest updates and news for members.

How do I get a copy of the tax letter for my membership?
Members may call Museum Representatives at 816.751.1278 or e-mail the Membership Department requesting a tax letter be sent out to you. 

How can I reprint my member card?
To reprint your member card,  please call 816.751.1278 or e-mail  the Membership Department. 

Can I bring a guest with me to members-only events?
Members-only events are exclusively designed for our members to enjoy as a benefit of membership. 

Can I pay for my membership through a charitable trust, foundation or donor-advised fund?
Members can pay for their membership through a charitable trust, foundation or donor-advised fund.  If you choose to pay for your membership out of any of the above options, please mail in a separate personal check for the non-tax deductible portion of your membership so that you can take advantage of your benefits. To see what this amount is, please click here.

I have forgotten my username and password, what do I do? 
Click here to go to the Connect page. Choose "Forgotten Password" to obtain your username and/or password to renew or upgrade your membership.

For all additional questions about museum membership, please contact 816.751.1278.