Arts Education Honor Roll

THANK YOU for helping us fill the void in Arts Education!

The following represents giving to the 2013 fall Annual Fund from November 1 – December 31, 2013. 

$20,000 and above
Mr. Paul DeBruce
Mr. J. Scott Francis and Ms. Susan Gordon
Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Marsh

$15,000 - $19,999
Mr. Robert and Dr. Phyliss Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.

$10,000 - $14,999
Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenneth Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Green, Jr.
Mr. Donald J. Hall
Hartley Family Foundation
Mrs. Joe Jack Merriman

$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Stueck
Mrs. Adelaide C. Ward

$1,000 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Austin
Mr. Eugene Bertram Berkley
Kay and John Callison
Ms. Courtney R. Earnest
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ellspermann
Ms. Sandra R. Eveloff
Mrs. Albert L. Gustin, III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Kirk
Mrs. Ida M. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Love
Mrs. Dana E. Fields and Mr. Carl Manning, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ford Maurer
Ms. Molly A. McGee
Mr. and Mrs. James McGraw
Ms. Virginia McD Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Larry W. Piebenga
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Reardon
Dr. Michael P. Rogers
Mr. Randell L. Sedlacek and Ms. Mary F. Ventura
Ms. Margaret H. Silva
Mr. Clarence E. Simmons
Mr. Mark A. Thornhill and Ms. Maria J. Donigan
Dr. Daniel Claiborn and Ms. Marie S. Woodbury
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Janssen Wooldridge
Mrs. Richard C. Ye

$500 - $999
Mr. Harvey S. Bodker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Canfield
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Darling
Mr. Roy C. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Devins, Jr.
Mrs. Tommye B. Dodd
Hon. Peggy Dunn and Mr. Terrence P. Dunn
Mr. Nathan E. Esau
Ms. Catherine Futter
Mr. Thomas L. Hall
Nancy and Robert Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Hougland
Mr. Lloyd R. Knox
Dr. and Mrs. Burnell Landers
Mrs. Jeanne E. Levy
Mr. and Ms. William C. Migneron
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mitchell
Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Richard L. Phelps and Mr. Mitchell G. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pierson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quackenbush
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schwegler
Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Stuber
The Mary Atkins Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Weaver

$250 - $499
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Atha, Jr.
Mrs. Sally A. Batz
Mr. and Mrs. Bart S. Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Blessing, Jr.
Ms. Linda Clark and Mr. Thomas Bath
Mr. and Mrs. John Cowden
Dr. and Mrs. Perry Culver
Mrs. Robert W. Doering
Mr. and Ms. Bill Dunaway
Mr. and Mrs. Truman K. Eldridge, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ferguson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Goertz
Ellen R. and John R. Goheen
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Handley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Jones
Drs. John D. and Ann Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Clare J. Kuhlman
Mr. Vance Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Burney Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moffett
Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Rilinger
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shackelford
Dr. R. Wayne and Joyce Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James Weitzel
Mr. Thomas Willis, III
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Zwick

$150 - $249
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Belyeu
Dr. Irene E. Bettinger
Drs. Shobhana and Ashok Bhargava
Ms. Carol M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Brown
Roy and Janice Busdiecker
Paul and Elissa Cahn
Mr. Paul M. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Errol Copilevitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Donnelly
Gail and Mark Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell E. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Friskel
Dr. Elizabeth Furtwengler
Mr. L. Joe Haas
Ms. Judith Hazlett and Mr. Paul Connors
Ms. Rosalie Henry
Mr. G. Cleve Humbert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Johanson
Mr. and Mrs. Emeric W. Kapka
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Daniel J. Karp
Miss Jill Marillyn Kiefer
Mr. Charles H. Kopke
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Kunz
Mr. and Mrs. Ira T. Land
Mrs. Danuta Oktawiec Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Bary Marquardt
Mr. Michael G. McDonald and Ms. Joann Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Mikulecky
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Mos, III
Mr. and Mrs. Justin A. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Niewald
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ratkewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Rooney
Mr. Richard Rossman
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Schlegel
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Selzer
Dr. John Sheets and Dr. Joy Stevenson
Mr. Craig J. Sole and Mr. Wayne Long
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kent Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Wendel
Mr. Jerry White and Ms. Cyprienne Simchowitz
Dr. Brian M. Wicklund & Dr. Dale E. Jarka
Mrs. Priscilla H. Wilson
Mr. Ralph Wrobley
Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Yedlin
Mr. Glenn R. Zander

$35 - $149
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Aalseth
Mr. John R. Adams
Ms. Melanie Adams
Mr. Carl F. Ade, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Allen
Ms. Eva M. Allen
Ms. Laura Allinder
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Allmayer
Mr. R. Dennis Almsberger
Dr. Uri Alon
Ms. Mary Anne Altman
Mrs. Laura A. Anderson
Ms. Beth Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. Ali A. Arbab
Dr. and Mrs. Lowry K. Arnold
Ms. Patricia M. Arnold
Ms. Pam Asjes
Miss Judith K. Baird
Mrs. Claire H. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Baker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Bale
Ms. Elizabeth I. Barnes
Ms. Terry B. Barnes
Mrs. Molly Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Conger Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Beck
Dr. and Mrs. Karl E. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Champ C. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Benson
Mr. Daniel Bentley and Ms. Katherine Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Duane C. Benton
Mr. David M. Bergeron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Berkley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman O. Besheer
Ms. Joan D. Biblo
Mrs. April Bier
Ms. Lorraine Birmingham
Ms. Kim Bitner-Drottz
Brea Black
Mr. Jefferson B. Blair
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Blasiar
Mr. John and Ms. Sharon Blevins
Mr. Barry Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Boley
Ms. Jane Bollin
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bollman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bolt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bondi
Ms. Diane Botwin
Mr. N. Cason Boudreau
Ms. Vicki L. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Bradley
Ms. Deborah L. Brammer
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Brandt
Dr. W. Robert Brazelton
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Brown
Ms. Patricia G. Brown
Ms. Anita Browning
Ms. Denice Brunkow and Mr. Allen Ray
Ms. Jean Brunnenkant
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Buchwach
Mr. Chris Anderson and Ms. Lyn R. Buckley
Mr. William C. Buckner
Mr. Jack Buettner
Ms. Melinda Buie
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bukovac
Mr. and Mrs. Don Burley
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burr
Dr. and Mrs. V. Fred Burry
Ms. Kate M. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Butler
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Butler
Mrs. Evelyn M. Butts
Mr. Thomas J. Mullender and Ms. Anne D. Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Campbell
Mr. Craig A. Carlson
Ms. Erin Carney
Ms. Elizabeth Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Cassingham
Mrs. Julie Casterman Newlin
Mr. George Chapman
Mr. Craig Chelberg
Dr. Wai-Yim Ching and Ms. Mon Yin Lung
Mr. and Mrs. George Chrisman
Mr. and Mrs. John Cisternino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Mrs. Betty B. Cline
Mr. Herbert Coale, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cobb
Mrs. Sally Cobb
Mr. Harry Hurst Coffman
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Cole
Ms. Wilma Collado and Mr. James A. Walsh
The Comeaux Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Comer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Conn
Mrs. Rogene Conn
Mr. Alan Cook and Ms. Lenore Dawson
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Cooley
Mr. John H. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Coopersmith
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Corey
Ms. Suzanne C. Crandall
Mrs. Sherry Cromwell-Lacy and Mr. James W. Lacy
Dr. and Mrs. Louis M. Culp
Mr. Michael D. Dachenhausen
Mrs. Jo Anna Dale
Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Daniels
Ms. Ann Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wayne Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Davis
Dean and Patricia Davison
Bob and Natalie Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil C. Dechant
Mrs. Ann Defeo
Ms. Mary Anne Demeritt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. DeWitt
Mr. Donald L. Dick
Mrs. Carol Dickey
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dougherty
David and Sandra Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Dunbar
Mrs. Wanda Ebert
G. Thomas and Jean Kygar Eblen
Ms. Barbara D. Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Eldredge
Mrs. Susan A. Ellis
Ms. Linda J. Ewing
Ms. Kathleen A. Facer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Farnsworth
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Feimster
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Felder
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Filla
Roger and Janet Fisher
Ms. Virginia W. Fisher
Mr. Eric Floyd
Dr. Joseph H. Ford
Mrs. Maleta A. Forsberg and Ms. Lesly Forsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Fraker
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Francis
Ms. Elizabeth L. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Fuemmeler
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulmer
Dr. Patricia A. Gallagher
Dr. and Mrs. Francisco M. Garcia-Ferrer
Mr. David A. Geisler
Ms. Elizabeth T. Gessley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Giambrone
Mr. and Ms. Roger Gibson
Ms. Geri E. Gilbert
Mrs. Lucile J. Gille
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein
Ms. Sharon Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gore
Ms. Brenda Gorham-Cushing
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Gorman
Dr. and Mrs. Jared Grantham
Mr. John A. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gunter
Mr. Bret A. Gustafson
Jonathan & Barbara Haden
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hall
Mr. Steven D. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Hammer
Mr. Peter Harakas
Mr. Jarred Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harrington
Ms. Anne F. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Harte
Mr. and Ms. Daniel L. Hartzler
Jeri Hatteberg
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hatterman
Mr. Frederick D. Ernst and Ms. Kathleen A. Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. B. Franklin Hawk
Dr. and Mrs. Fred H. Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Heaven, Jr.
Ms. Tanja I. Heinen
Mr. George E. Heiser
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Herster
Mr. and Mrs. George Hess
Ms. Jolinda Hilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Hill, Jr.
Ms. Barbara D. Hitchings
Ms. Jean D. Hodson
Mrs. Ann R. Hogueland
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn C. Hoover
Ms. Joan J. Horan
Dr. Jean Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Huber
Bill and Margo Humenczuk
Mr. Alfred Hussar, Jr.
Ms. Susan S. Hustead
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ice
Mr. and Mrs. David Isaacson
Ms. Amy T. James
Ms. Louise M. Jarvis
Ms. Mary Jeter
Ms. Karen I. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gareth R. P. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Johnson
Ms. Vicki Johnson
Elizabeth Jones
Mr. and Ms. Philip H. Jones
Ms. Lindsey Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Jones
Ms. Virginia A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jordan
Mr. Gordon Julich
Mr. Timothy Jurco and Mrs. Leslie Fraley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Jury
Mr. Norman B. Kahn, Jr. and Ms. B. D. Winyard
Mr. Joseph Kearns
Ms. Deborah A. Keating and Ms. Frances P. Keating
Ms. Jane Keitges
Mr. Stephen Kelly
Mr. Robert Kendrick
Ms. Sheryl Kiefer
Ms. Mary T. Kinerk
Mr. Allan A. King
Dr. and Ms. Brad Kleindl
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Klem
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Koehler
Ms. Jane Kohl Waggoner
Karen & Edward Komp
Ms. Patrice Krampff
Ms. Patricia Kunkle
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Lafex
Dr. David B. Laha and Mrs. Susan M. Laha
Ms. Jacqueline Landahl
Mrs. Jane Weber-Landes
Mrs. Peggy Lane
Mr. Solomon M. Lang
Mr. and Ms. Gregory Lattig
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Lazarus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. LeClaire
Paula & Rusty C.  Leffel
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Leligdon
Mr. and Mrs. David S. LeMoine
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Leonard
Prof. Gordon Levine
Ms. Catherine L. Lewer
Thomas J Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Lieurance
Mr. and Ms. Chris Limbird
Mr. James E. Lipovac
Dr. William S. Logan
Mr. Conrad H. Lower, IV and Dr. Rustin Sturgeon
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Mall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mallin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Maloney
Ms. Stephanie Malyn
Dr. Michael S. Mancina and Ms. Marjorie Doronio
Ms. Madalaine M. Mandina
David and Noelle Manica
Lynnly Busler Marcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mardikes
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Marshall
Ms. Ann Martin
Mr. D. Scott Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mask
Ms. Cheryl Mattke
Mr. Stephen W. Mazza
Ms. Susan L. McGee
Joyce F. McIntosh
Mrs. Sandra McLaney
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald McManus
Mr. Karl A. Menninger
Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Merino
Ms. Patricia M. Merlie
Dr. Chris Merriweather
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Meyer, III
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Migneron
Mrs. Joan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Miller
Mr. Michael E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Miller
Ms. Moneca Mills
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mitchell
Mrs. and Mrs. V. Dayle Devon Mixer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Moldenhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Dedric Moore
Mr. and Ms. Mike Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Morgan
Mrs. Alice E. B. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Morrow
Mrs. Virginia Muehlbach
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Muff
Mr. Thomas R. Mulhern
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Myers
Mrs. Mary Jane Myers
Mr. Dan A. Neely
Ms. Patricia Newbold
Mr. George M. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence L. Noland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Novorr
Mr. and Mrs. William E. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford O'Bryan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O'Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. James Olberding
Mr. Robert L. Oliver, Jr. and Ms. E. Jean Daugherty
Mr. and Ms. Corey O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owens
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Padley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Paramore
Ms. Donna Parr
Mr. Marcus B. Manson and Ms. Jane H. Parsons
Mr. Stephen B. Paul and Ms. Carol L. Zastoupil
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Pelofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Darin K. Penner
Lee Ann Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Perry
Mr. Samuel Piper and Mrs. Debra Schmid
Mr. Thomas M. Platt
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa Poehlman
Audrey J. Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Popper
Mrs. Kathy A. Portman
Mr. James L. Pratt
Ms. Jeanette Prenger
Mr. Henry Quimby and Ms. Daneen James
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Radek
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt D. Raedle
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Randall
Mr. Robert Rase
Mr. Jack R. Reed
Mr. Richard D. Rees
Dr. Robert Takacs and Dr. Anne Regier
Ms. Robin N. Retzer
Mr. Edward P. Reupke
Ms. H. Jane Rhys
Mr. Daniel R. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Riemensnider
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Robinson
Ms. Patty P. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Rogge
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Rooney
Mr. Steven Ramberg and Ms. Margaret R. Rose
Ms. Jean A. Rosenthal and Mr. Dave Kingsley
Mr. Mark Kenneally and Ms. Elizabeth Rosin
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rote
Mr. Matthew E. Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Royal
Mrs. Marie Rufe
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ruzicka
Ms. Sally Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Danny K. Sakata
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Salvaggio
Ms. Holly M. Sanderson
Mr. Peter G. Sandstrom and Ms. Linda Bray
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Saper
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Schall
Mr. Garry R. Hanna and Ms. Barbara S. Schepers
Mr. and Mrs. Greg J. Schieszer
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Schmid
Mrs. Shirley J. Schoenlaub
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Sdano
Mrs. Patricia R. Selensky
Mr. Fred Sellers
Mr. Gerald A. Share
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Sharp, II
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar D. Sherwood
Mrs. A. Elizabeth Short
Mr. Jerry L. Short
Ms. Margaret E. Shouse
Mr. Wilson Siemens
Ms. Cynthia G. Sifers
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Simmons
Mr. John B. Simonson and Ms. Susan E. Hard
Mr. Stephen T. Slack
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith
Mr. Gerry Smith
Mrs. Jan Smith
Jeannine W. Smith
Mrs. Katherine H. Smith
Mr. Gary T. Whitmer and Ms. Margaret Jo Smith
Ms. Shaina Smith
Mr. and Ms. Dennis L. Smith
Mr. Marvin K. Snyder
Ms. Mary P. Speck
William Foster Morris
Ms. Kathleen Stafford
Rodd and Martha Staker
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Stalder
Mrs. Jarene A. Stanford
Dr. Mary L. Stanton
Mrs. Mary B. Stark
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stilley
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Strader
Dr. William Sturgill
Bill and Nancy Swartz
Ms. Gail N. Taliaferro
Dr. Edgar Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Taylor
Mr. Gary E. Tegtmeier
Irene Thomas
Mr. Larry Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Thornton
Dr. Joyce M. Tobiasen Schwartz and Dr. John M. Hiebert
Ms. Martha A. Toburen
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley O. True
Mrs. Karen V. V. Turner
Ms. Stephanie K. Ulsh and Ms. Sarah L. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Uppman
Ms. Susan Vaca
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Vaughan
Mr. John B. Veal and Mr. Skip Staudt
Mrs. Dianne Venable
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge E. Vizcarra
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Voetsch
Mrs. Lettie C. Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Wagener
Ms. Marilyn F. Walz
Dr. and Mrs. Roger G. Wasser
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Watkins
Mrs. Margaret W. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weaver
Mr. Robert W. Weirich and Mrs. Karen Kushner
Mr. and Mrs. Ray B. Weisenburger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wells
Judge Dean Whipple & Ms. Karen Hopkins-Whipple
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Whisler
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Whitaker
Dr. F. N. Franano and Mrs. Lorie B. Whitaker
Mrs. Lana White
Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Wiedenkeller
Mrs. Lillie B. Williams
Ms. Linda F. Wilson
Ms. Wendy Wilson and Mr. Jeff Binder
Ms. Paula Ann Winchester
Mrs. Julia L. Winter
Ms. Linda Winter and Ms. Meredyth Winter
Ms. Ann W. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Womack
Mr. William Wonder III and Ms. Laura Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt H. Wood, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wood, Jr.
Ms. Barbara W. Woodard
Ms. Conni Woolard
Dr. Jeanne Woon
Mr. Art Wortman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wright III
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Yoka
Dr. Craig H. Yorke and Mrs. Mary A. Powell|
Ms. Annette D. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Zetmeir
Mr. Eugene J. Ziegler
Mr. Gerald Zimmerman

Represents giving to the 2013 fall Annual Fund from November 1 – December 31, 2013. Includes gifts $35 and above.